Modeling thermal changes in supraglacial ponds/lakes and time-lapse photography of surface change.

Period: 2011-2015

Research involved: Field measurements of water temperatures; water chemistry; water depths; water level changes; structure of basins (side-scan sonar); and time-lapse photography are all used towards understanding associations between melt, calving (subaerial and subaqueous) and effects on lake deepening.

  • People: Ulyana Horodyskyj, Bob Anderson (PhD committee member), Carl Schmitt (NCAR, outside reference); and I collaborate with scientists in HiMAP (e.g., Dr. Daene McKinney). I had a good learning/training experience in the field with Dr. Sarah Thompson on the Ngozumpa glacier (Nov 2012) which helped guide my current work.
  • Institute: University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Funding: USAID climber-scientist grant (High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP) Program) and the Fulbright Fellowship Program.
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