Research Permits


It has proved difficult for some people in the past to obtain the correct research permits, so here is the latest information available, with thanks to Dr Rijan Kayastha for providing the information.

  • Within the Sagarmatha National Park a research permit from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) is required.
  • To apply, a research proposal including list of field members and a copy of their passports should be submitted to the DNPWC
  • Then the DNPWC will forward the complete application to the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation
  • The ministry will inform DNPWC whether to grant or reject the permit
  • If any project has a MoU with any agency of the Government of Nepal or any Nepalese academic institution then the Nepalese agency has to submit the application for the permit to the DNPWC
  • It will take more than one month to get the permit
  • After the field research a report with data should be submitted to the DNPWC
  • Permitting enquiries should be directed to DNPWC at this e-mail: info[at]